Wednesday, 26 February 2014


These are a few bands I've heard in the past four days.


Trigger is a four-piece heavy/modern progressive band from Delhi. They came together in 2012 to make some groovy-ass shit. On speaking to vocalist Shourya Malhotra, I found out they'd played Blue Frog (Delhi) and Launchpad finals in the recent past. They are also hopefully looking at releasing a self-produced EP this year. They're angry, loud, raw and I'm sure they'd be a treat to watch, not only for modern progressive fans. Look out!

Catch them on Facebook:



This four-piece thrash/groove metal band from Mumbai formed in May 2013. Going by the 'THRASH TILL DEATH' and 'POWER-ANGER-STRENGTH' signifying their music, these guys are to look out for at local band competitions. They've played quite a lot of competitions lately, winning NIFT Mumbai's Spectrum 2014 a few days ago. In other news, they're interested in Maggi, calling their drummer for jam and chai. 

Here is a link to their Reverbnation page, where they've got some demos up for a listen: 

You can find them on Facebook here: 

And DO NOT, I say do not fall for this deceiving YouTube result: 



Armament is a four-piece extreme thrash metal outfit from Kolkata. They got together in 2011. Full-power and aggressive, I had the chance to catch these guys at Thrashfest earlier this month (Choksi is lying, it won't be the one and only.). These guys were fast, with some great riffing and heavy as fuck. 

This is a live audio recording from their rehearsal. Check it out.

Their Facebook page:



A five-piece progressive/psychedelic band from Mumbai, they're IIT boys! Influenced mainly by Porcupine Tree and a slight Opeth vibe (which you will see when you listen to their song), they've been playing competitions here and there in the country, one being our most popular BITS-Pilani Goa's Searock.
They also recently played at 'The Great Gig in the Sky' at Tinga Tinga Bar (wow) in Bangalore last week.

Listen to them here: 

And their Facebook page:

More coming your way. I'd love to listen to something new. Bring it on!

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