Friday, 28 February 2014


If you're in Bombay, you cannot miss the gig at Blue Frog this Sunday!

This Sunday, Blue Frog brings to you Metal Nights featuring Mumbai metal giants Bhayanak Maut, Providence and Chaoskampf from Pune. Bhayanak Maut will be playing a show in Mumbai after exactly 13 months, which is over a year.

Providence as usual are set to play a power-packed set, and Pune metal band 'Chaoskampf' will be seen in Mumbai again.

1. Shezan's Birthday party

Providence guitar player Shezan Shaikh turns 28 on the 3rd of March (ahem ahem, eligible bachelor) and there is a BYOB party scene at Ambience beginning at 4pm on the 2nd, just before the gig. What's more? He will crawl on stage after the epic drinking spree and you should get to see it!

2. Charan's grooves
Charan has been swaggering with his new moves to Slipknot, and it would be very unfortunate if he threw some at the gig and you missed it.

To see how I know about Charan's moves, WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE.

3. New Bhayanak Maut material

There's a new Bhayanak Maut album expected this year, and a gig will mean some new songs are going to be coming our way. There are also some new tshirt prints coming out tomorrow.

With Providence and Bhayanak Maut, the signature 'WHATTHAFAAK' would be tough to miss. I actually wait for this so I can scream a mindless "YYYEEAAYAYYHHH' back.


5. Mayank with Providence
As Aaron will not be available for the Blue Frog gig, Zygnema, Atmosfear and Agnya drummer Mayank U. Sharma will be filling in for him. Full-power guy on drums! I've heard he's going to be bashing some meat this Sunday.


6. Chaoskampf with new vocalist
They've played a Wacken Metal Battle competition, but this is their first proper gig in Mumbai. Since Shreyas Kandekar is no longer the vocalist, I heard they've got someone new.

I am also assuming since no one wants to tell me who the new guy is, he will have a kvlt stage name. I just have a feeling. You guys are going to come back and remind me of this 'I told you so!' moment right here! :P

7. Brutal moshpit
Much expected at a Metal Nights is a tod-phod moshpit. The Mumbai fist frenzy fiesta is a must.

The gig begins at 9pm and the entry is Rs.250/-.
See you there!

Bhayanak Maut on Facebook and Reverbnation

Providence on Facebook and their new song 'I.Want.DSP' here for a listen:

Chaoskampf on Facebook and their Bandcamp

Blue Frog's Metal Nights EVENT ON BURRP.COM


Thursday, 27 February 2014


People think having a gig in Thane near their houses is somewhat out of this world. United 21 has made all those dreams come true, but somewhere in Thane district, there lies a city called Vasai (I live here) and there's a gig that happens once a year at a festival called 'Zeal' in Vidyavardhini College of Engineering and Technology, popularly known as Vartak college. Yes bitches! Gig in my hometown!

The students of Vartak have this one opportunity to host the heaviest show in Vasai once a year. A part of their festival is 'Octaves', the band competition, comprising of a good mix of rock and metal bands from across Mumbai and Thane.

And it gets better. Horror/heavy metal band Albatross will be judging Octaves and headlining the 'All Stars' night on the 14th of March 2014. The college has had bands like Blakc, Hoodwink Circle, Sceptre, Zygnema, Workshop and Psyx (yikes!) headline this event in the past. The catch this time is, while Albatross lead singer Biprorshee Das will not be available for the gig, Albatross has arranged the perfect dinner for all of us. There are going to be four guest vocalists doing a good one hour set with the band. I've got a sneak peak into which vocalists the band will be playing with and the list of songs:

In pictures, from left to right:

Sahil Makhija (Demonic Resurrection, Reptilian Death, Workshop) - Kissing Flies, Night Crawler (Judas Priest cover)

Nitin Rajan (former Morticide) - Bark at the Moon (Ozzy cover), Among Cannibals

Sushan Shetty (Cosmic Infusion) - In the Court of Kuru, Dining Table

Siddharth Raveendran (Gaia's Throne) - In the Lair of Dr. Hex, Holy Diver (Dio cover)

and Albatross' very own Vigneshkumar Venkatraman (Orion) - Uncle Sunny at the Tavern

I am damn pumped man! Mazaa aayega. This year, the fest also has an entry from Pune thrash band 'Anarchy'. Vocalist Tabish Khidir (Tabby) is also waiting to play. Among other competing bands are the regular Mumbai competition bands like Narkasur and Orcus. 

One of the guest vocalists Nitin Rajan returns to Vartak after having judged a western vocals competition almost a decade ago when our very own P-man was a student there! Nitin, on being asked for a bite on the delicious lineup said he is 'mighty excited'. He said, "Guest vocals has always thrilled me because you get to add your own madness to an existing crowd favourite. This is an amazing limited edition lineup!" Yes, limited edition crowd also! x)

Organizer Malhar Mohite, third year student at Vartak says, "I haven't seen a thrash/horror metal band 

headline in all my years here. The college has experienced every other genre, so why not this?" 

Well, if you are close by, you can drop by for free. It's barely 25 minutes by train from Borivali and a two-minute walk from the station in Vasai West. The students are going crazy and so should you. 

In other news, Albatross are looking to release a full-length album this year titled 'Fear from the Skies'. I'll be there somewhere, probably nibbling off the judges' table and watching Nishith's lovely hair and guitar playing. See you!

For more details on the festival, contact Malhar Mohite: 9970780605 or Sameer Sajjan: 9960273285

CLICK for the event on Facebook

CLICK for Albatross on Facebook or Bandcamp

And you can listen to my personal favourite here: 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


These are a few bands I've heard in the past four days.


Trigger is a four-piece heavy/modern progressive band from Delhi. They came together in 2012 to make some groovy-ass shit. On speaking to vocalist Shourya Malhotra, I found out they'd played Blue Frog (Delhi) and Launchpad finals in the recent past. They are also hopefully looking at releasing a self-produced EP this year. They're angry, loud, raw and I'm sure they'd be a treat to watch, not only for modern progressive fans. Look out!

Catch them on Facebook:



This four-piece thrash/groove metal band from Mumbai formed in May 2013. Going by the 'THRASH TILL DEATH' and 'POWER-ANGER-STRENGTH' signifying their music, these guys are to look out for at local band competitions. They've played quite a lot of competitions lately, winning NIFT Mumbai's Spectrum 2014 a few days ago. In other news, they're interested in Maggi, calling their drummer for jam and chai. 

Here is a link to their Reverbnation page, where they've got some demos up for a listen: 

You can find them on Facebook here: 

And DO NOT, I say do not fall for this deceiving YouTube result: 



Armament is a four-piece extreme thrash metal outfit from Kolkata. They got together in 2011. Full-power and aggressive, I had the chance to catch these guys at Thrashfest earlier this month (Choksi is lying, it won't be the one and only.). These guys were fast, with some great riffing and heavy as fuck. 

This is a live audio recording from their rehearsal. Check it out.

Their Facebook page:



A five-piece progressive/psychedelic band from Mumbai, they're IIT boys! Influenced mainly by Porcupine Tree and a slight Opeth vibe (which you will see when you listen to their song), they've been playing competitions here and there in the country, one being our most popular BITS-Pilani Goa's Searock.
They also recently played at 'The Great Gig in the Sky' at Tinga Tinga Bar (wow) in Bangalore last week.

Listen to them here: 

And their Facebook page:

More coming your way. I'd love to listen to something new. Bring it on!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


So, I couldn't resist.

Here you have it.

I will write, post, and if I feel like, review music here (mostly metal, but you are always free to send me anything else.)

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