Monday, 6 April 2015


Welcome to the first ever episode of the Metalsphere video blog. I am your host. Duhh.

Morning ka evening ho gaya, so forgive me. Rendering is a bitch.

The Metalsphere vlog features news related to the heavy metal music scene in India, Asia.
The episode covers recent news in India like Cultfest, Indian bands like The Down Troddence, Inner Sanctum who just played in Norway, Planet Radio City's new 24x7 Indian metal radio station, Domination -The Deathfest, etc.
I also spoke to Albatross about their upcoming album 'Fear from the Skies' scheduled to release very soon. I also visit Rock 'n' Roll nights in Belapur, the first of it's kind at venue 'Cult Lounge', a gig featuring Mindshift (Sweden), Hellwind, Albatross, etc.

This is a bedroom production.

My Dying Prayer by Orion
Uncle Sunny at the Tavern by Albatross.

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