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This trollface is guitar player of Pune progressive band Noiseware, Mr. Adhiraj Singh. I've been seeing Noiseware for a few years now and I'm proud to say I grew up with this generation of evolving musicians. Also producer and all those/this/that titles at Refractor studios (Refractor being the name of his solo project as well) Adhiraj is a good guitar player/composer/videographer and all that.

I love this interview for the honest and detailed answers. He's a kind and interesting musician.

Noiseware will be playing alongside other metal giants at the Metal Ctrl Alt Del, so make sure to catch them if you are in Bombay.

Full name and age. :) 
Adhiraj Singh, 23

What is your favourite dish/cuisine?
I’ll go with cuisine and for me, nothing like some well made spicy North Indian food!

Kindly tell us about all your precious gear! (guitars, processors, software)
I’ll go in part –

Guitar: Schecter C8 Hellraiser. I still have my old B.C Rich 6 String Warlock lying around, but I haven’t taken it out in forever and it probably has fungus growing on the fretboard, haha.

Processors: Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II & Line 6 Pod XT Live. I primarily use the Axe-Fx both in studio as well as live, but me switching to the Pod XT live when carrying the Axe-Fx doesn’t make logistical sense. Eitherway, I also use the XTL as a MIDI controller for the Axe-Fx, so it’s a keeper.

Software/Others: This could be a fairly long-boring list, since I have a studio setup, so I’ll mention some main stuff I use – Cubase, sE Munro Eggs, stuff from Shure, RME, Behringer, Beyerdynamic, AKG.

How long have you been playing guitar?
I started tinkering with it when I was about 14, so that’s collectively about 9-10 years. However, I started playing a little more seriously only when I was about 17-18 or so.

What got you into playing guitar?
That’s a tough one. I was always enamored by any musical instrument for as long as I remember. I started with some silly Casio mini keyboard when I was really young. Then, I had a short stint with the flute when I was a little older. Then it was drums, which started with pencils on the school desks and ended at playing a single show in school, haha. My parents refused to get me a kit, because they thought it was too big and it would make a ton of noise(they were right, weren’t they?), so guitar it was!

Have you learned to read music as well, or do you just play by ear?
Nah, all by ear it is. When I started learning guitar, I went to classes for about a month and there was a lotta theory being taught, but I just wanted to play; so I quit and just learnt on my own. I think both approaches are great and people should go wherever they are most comfortable.

Electric vs. acoustic. What do you prefer?
Both in absolute equality. I think I spend pretty much equal time with both instruments. Just the context changes.

What thought goes into riff construction/is there any particular pattern you follow to make riffs? 
None at all. I think a lot of my ideas(for Noiseware), start with drums unfortunately(since I’m a failed drummer). I’ll mostly be trying to write some grooves I like. The other times, it’ll start with something super basic as a chord shape or a sound that I like and build from there. Since I don’t know theory, I keep trying out new/random shapes on the guitar, or some interesting sounds on the computer and try to replicate stuff in my head. But it’s always something very basic which kicks it off.

What music projects are you currently a part of, besides Noiseware?
All the projects I’ve produced! Haha kidding. I’m involved as a bass player for Lotus, co-write some of Anand Bhaskar’s music, write stuff which is commercially inclined(jingles/sound design etc) and when I’m bored, I make random solo music under Refractor.

Do you have a day job? What is it that you do? 
I have a company called Refractor and we are sort of a small production house. We produce audio as well as visual content for all kinds of mediums(you name it!). I guess if you had to put a title to what I do, it’d be Audio Engineer/Producer/Videographer. We also do some small other things here and there as well..whatever sparks any active interest.

Your favourite musicians (Indian)
This entire section will be off the top of my head.
Guitar: Pra & Akshay, Keshav Dhar, Devesh & Arman, Biz, Nikhil Singh, Dhruv Vishvanath

Bass: Reuben Bhattacharya, Krishna Jhaveri, Rushad Mistry, Mohini Dey

Drums: Nishant Hagjer, Gautam, Rahul Hariharan, Gino Banks, Mayank, Jai Row Kavi

Vocals: Shashank, Vishwesh, Siddharth Basrur, Sunny

Any other instrument: My broducer bros – Anupam, Keshav, Kuber, Nikhil. That apart, Dualist Inquiry, Ox7gen.

Your favourite musicians (international)

Guitar: Wes Borland, Tom DeLonge, Andy Mckee, Jon Gomm, Cloudkicker (Ben Sharp), Misha Mansoor, John Butler, Tosin Abasi, Drew Goddard, Ben Weinman

Bass: Jon Stockman, Nolly(prolly for his guitar skills as well!), Mark Hoppus, Amos Williams

Drums: Steve Judd, Thomas Haake, Matt Halpern, Travis Barker, Jay Postones, John Otto

Vocals: Ian Kenny, Phil Bozeman, Spencer Sotelo, Corey Taylor, Myles Kennedy

Any other instrument: This would be a long list haha! Lotta engineers/producers/Film Composers –
Tycho, Seven Lions, The Album Leaf/Jimmy LaValle, Telefon Tel Aviv, Mychael Danna, Ramin Djawadi, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, BT, Nolly, Mark Lewis, Andy Sneap, Chris Lord Alge, Rick Rubin, Ross Robinson, Forrester Savell, Taylor Larson, David Bendeth……..okay I’m gonna stop. This list list will never end hahaha!

Can we expect a release from your band(s) any time soon?
I prefer to avoid awkward questions like these. Haha! On serious note, this year. Yes. I know we’ve been saying that every year. This year.

Whom do you look up to, as a musician and a band? 
I guess I’ll speak for myself. All the people I mentioned above! I’m inspired a lot by lot of people related to film making as well, who are truly inspiring in every sense – Roger Deakins, Wally Pfister, Salomon Lighthelm, Chris Nolan, Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, Vince Gilligan, Charly friedrichs.

A message to all your fans (hello ladies!)
The album is happening. I promise. Thank you for sticking by!

Ladies? Hi Pratika. Kashi ahes Manasi Tai(Am I saying it right?). Okay bye.

Photo credits: Vijay Kate

Visit Noiseware on Facebook and Soundcloud
Visit the Refractor Studios page. 

If you haven't checked this out yet, please do. Fucking insane! 


  1. The refractor studios? So noiseware's production is purely home-brewed? Wow. Now that should be where we should be headed (if in getting it right).An indian periphery on the rise(not totally on the music ;) ) . The musky essence of the 'trollface' - awesome

    1. Yeah it's really great. Hear the production in the last video I posted under this interview. So amazing. All Refractor! :)

  2. This is awesome. Cant wait for the album.