Friday, 27 March 2015


Songs are not ONLY about that one sexy riff (I like sexy riffs), just that one gut-pounding drum section (drummers <3) or that very innovative bass line the unknown dude came up with (I'm joking. I used to play bass and I am famous and fabulous :P )

There are great stories and some incredible thought given to songs. This thematic representation of concepts, based on our daily struggle, politics, war, fiction, fantasy and other things is one of the major reasons why this genre is so different from all else. Stories and lyrics in particular are crucial and extremely influential in the entire song-writing process. In short, know what the vocalist is saying.

Here's a collection of some Indian metal band's lyric videos. If you do know of any more, please let me know right away. I'll add them to the list. 

1. Inner Sanctum - Wake of Destruction

2. The Down Troddence - Nagavalli

3. Reptilian Death - O

4. Demonic Resurrection - Trail of Devastation

5. Amongst Denied - Nautilus for A Nemo 

6. Primitiv - Lords of Primitiv

7. Midhaven - Seeking the Divine

8. Chronic Xorn - The Great Human Failure

9. Wired Anxiety - Severe Comorbodity

10. Beastial Murder - Kill You Idol

11. Gaia's Throne - Contact

A new look for Metalsphere is coming soon, and I may have another surprise. Watch out. I promise I'll be regular until BIG69 returns! :P


A shot from Inner Sanctum's lyric video for their single 'Wake of Destruction'

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