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Transcending Obscurity brings to you yet another promising gig. He is one of the few organizers trying to make gigs happen more often in Mumbai, the man behind the website, label and a hundred other cool properties, Mr. Kunal Choksi. Having included a great mix of bands from different parts of the country, I interviewed one of these bands, Trivandrum thrash metallers 'Chaos'. In an interview with Nikhil (guitar player), he talks about the band, the music scene in Trivandrum, their new merch, etc. Check it out!

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Hello boys! Introduce yourselves!
Hello Pratika! We're Chaos :D

Favourite food? 
JK should've answered this question. I'm not very particular about food as such (more of an enthusiast of beverages, so to speak), but JK is an absolute foodie! I think the list of things he enjoys devouring include, Chicken shawaya, chicken shwarma, Krispy Kreme Donuts (He might go a far as killing someone to get his hands on one), bacon beef burger with extra cheese and the list goes on and on! He even has this habit of finding interesting food joints everywhere and he'd make it a point that he drags us all repeatedly to such places until we're all fed up of it! So, if you're reading this, keep your food away from JK!

Not all of us out here are aware of when you began. Tell us, where did the power to start this band come from?
We started the band back in 2005 during our college days. There were just a handful of bands here in Trivandrum back then. They all had a clear sight of what they were trying to achieve, but unfortunately, most of them burned out over the past decade. Where did the power to start the band come from? I was always into this form of music from my school days and I used to play a bit of guitar as well. So, when I got into college, I wanted to form a band. Luckily I found someone with similar musical interests in JK and things just kicked off from there.


How's thrash in Thiruvanathapuram? 
Thrash? Literally non-existent. However, Trivandrum or Kerala as such, has been hit hard right in the ball-sack by a phenomenon which can be referred to as 'the new wave of mallu rock', and what is this wave that I speak of? It all starts with a bunch of guys coming up with a Malayalam name for their band (If you're willing to use the term 'band' loosely). From there, it's pretty much a downward spiral involving pathetic attempts to get famous regionally overnight, so on and so forth. All jokes aside, there are a few good bands here and there but most of them are just trying to do what 'Avial' did and not getting anywhere even remotely close to Avial. There's even this new show which is aimed at rescuing the rock scene in Kerala, which has turned into a clown parade of mainstream media shitting all over the things that were once out of their area of interest. So yeah! This is what is happening over here.

What's been going on of late with Chaos? Tell me everything! (merch, releases, everything!)
We've just released the Blacklash tee which has been very well received. The stock ran out a lot quicker than we'd expected it to. Can't really thank Kunal enough for making that happen! Apart from that, we're putting the finishing touches on our next album, which we are planning on releasing sometime in 2015.

Which were the bands that inspired you to start playing metal? Which are those bands that you all collectively love? 
We've been inspired by a lot of old 80s thrash. Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Anthrax etc. Pantera has a special place in my list because for me, Dimebag Darrel opened up a wide array of possibilities which has inspired me beyond comparison.

What gigs are you playing in the near or distant future?
We're all set to play in Mumbai this coming November at Catatonia fest. Apart from that, we don't have anything lined up.

A message to all your fans and supporters
Chaos clan! Thank you very much for all the support you've given us through out the years. See you all at our next show, stay Awesome! CHEERS \m/

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