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Chronic Xorn, a Kolkata-based five-piece metal band are setting fire! The band recently got endorsed by ESP guitars through Furtados music.  Last night, they released a lyric video for their latest single 'The Great Human Failure' (check below). I've also added them to the Metalsphere list of bands for bookings, so feel free to contact me in case you want to book them! There are more details in this little interview I did with them.

For everyone who doesn't know you, introduce yourselves :)
Hi! We are Chronic Xorn from Kolkata.  The band was formed in 2008. We play a mix of melodic death and groove metal. We released our first EP in 2010 titled 'Death.Destruction.Sermon' and a full length album called 'From Mercy' in 2012.

Favourite food!
Bangalis are pretty renowned for being foodies and we are no exception to that. Just give us MEAT!

What is the mystery behind the force forming Chronic Xorn? (Simply, tell us a little history on the band!)
Well, the band was formed by Sunny, Tamaghna, Abhinav, Anindya and Jeet. However, over the years, we’ve had a lot of line up changes owing to job issues. The band was later joined by Angshuman, Suvam, Biswaroop and Sambit and that is our present lineup.

What's the metal scene in Kolkata like? 
The metal scene in Kolkata is getting better with time. In 2008 there were around 20-30 people who used to come to gigs, but since 2011-12 we have seen 200-300 people on a regular basis coming for gigs. The college fests have opened up to metal bands these days which is a real good thing and to top it off, metal bands are getting money (although it’s not a lot, but it’s still a good thing) for playing at fests.

What bands have inspired you from the start? 
We have a varied range of influences starting from Iron maiden and Metallica all the way to Dream Theater to All Shall Perish to Nile and Hate Eternal. It’s really hard to say specifically for every one of us.

You've released a lyric video for your song 'The Great Human Failure'. Why do a lyric video and what idea went behind this song? Is there going to be a concept album?
Well, basically we wanted to release a new single and instead of releasing an audio on Soundcloud we thought it’d be cool to do a lyric video with animation effects, it’s just that.
Yes, it is going to be a concept album and 'The Great Human Failure' is one of the tracks that will be present in that album. More details will be released soon from our camp!

Check Chronic Xorn's lyric video for 'The Great Human Failure' right here!

Tell me what's in store for the band? (Gigs, releases, merchandise)
Yes! Well, we are playing on the 29th of September at Elysium 2014 in Kolkata and we have a few gigs lined up in October and November (mostly not in Kolkata). We have also done a cover of Stairway to Heaven which we could not include in the album due to copyright issues. We’ll upload that cover soon. Plus, we’ve got some more teasers from the album coming soon!
New merchandise will be released along with the new album!

A message to all your lovely fans and supporters.
It has been a wonderful experience playing for you guys for all these years. Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for more of our updates. Cheers!

Chronic Xorn on Facebook
Twitter handle - @chronicxorn
Chronic Xorn on Soundcloud


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