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Always known as Viru, this man needs no introduction. From Demonic Resurrection to Far Travel Music, Viru is a drummer with versatility, power and a bunch of other drumming skills! He is, without a doubt, one of the best drummers in India This also being one of the best interviews I've done, here's a detailed conversation with Viru! Check it out!

From Demonic Resurrection's 'The Demon King' photoshoot

Full name and age.
Virendra Gagan Kaith, 33

What is your favourite dish/cuisine?
Dal rice with papad and achaar. And Indian Chinese food.

Kindly tell us about all your precious gear! (Sticks, cymbals, kit, skins, gear/bags)
I got a Mapex "Pro M" kit
All my drum accessories are also by Mapex
Promark sticks
Zildjian Z3 cymbals, and only my hi hats are K series
Pearl Demon Drive Pedals
American Tourister backpack
Walking shoes from Decathlon which I also use while playing drums, sometimes.

How long have you been playing the drums?
It's broken up into sections. I started playing drums when I was in school and my uncle would set up the whole kit in our living room (joint family vibe). I played a couple of gigs with my uncle where I would  support him on the octopad or congas while he would be on the drumkit. Then I properly started playing drums while I was in college, which is in the year 2000. Used to jam with Mithun (Guitarist of PDV) as we were in the same college. But then from 2002 to 2005 I started working in a recording studio called Throatlatch. That is when I was more inclined towards how to record and mix rather than actually playing the drums. But then that experience has helped shaping myself as a drummer. From 2005, I started playing regularly as a drummer and even got to join PDV. And in 2007, I joined Demonic Resurrection. Since then there has been no looking back (Because there's only a backdrop behind me!)

What got you into playing drums?
Music was always being played in my house as my uncle was a professional drummer. We were very encouraged to participate in all these extracurricular activities in school, so that got me excited about rhythms in general. I remember, I used to set and program different grooves on my uncle's Roland SPD-20. Since then, its been a journey of meeting like-minded musicians and friends that got me into playing drums on a professional level.

Have you learned to read music as well, or do you just play by ear?
I would initially practice by listening to songs and figuring out parts. Then, I was also fascinated to learn how to read music, as everything that was available online was in musical language, so I learnt reading music by myself through online content available on the internet. It's a combination of both that has helped me explore more boundaries.

Loud and pounding | soft and accurate | the normal drummer. What do you prefer?
I would ideally prefer a loud and pounding drummer, because I am more inclined towards listening/playing a lot of metal music. However, as a freelance musician, I have learnt that there is so much more in playing different styles that enhances the music as a whole. So you can't go bashing the drumkit at all the gigs. Sometimes, it is more challenging to go a step back and maintain a clarity in your playing, that suddenly gives the music another dimension.

What thought goes into the composing process?
I am actually not someone who can compose something from scratch. But I work as an arranger, where if someone has an idea, I can maybe enhance it with whatever knowledge I have gather. And always, for me, music comes first. I treat the arrangement depending on how the music flows.

What other music projects are you currently a part of?
I will try and name them all:
Demonic Resurrection (Metal)
Scribe (Scribecore)
Sparsh (Hindi Rock)
Mihir Joshi Band (Blues Rock)
Far Travel Music (Electro Alt)
Treble Bite (Rock N Roll)
Ash King (Bollywood Pop)
Mahalakshmi Iyer (Funk Fusion)
FIFA 14 Career Mode :P
Clash of Clans ftw!!!!

Your favorite musicians (Indian)
Guitar: Prashant Shah
Bass: Rushad Mistry
Drums: Gino Banks
Vocals: Papon
Any other instrument: Rasika (Flute/Vocals)

Your favourite musicians (international)
Guitar: Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah)
Bass: Billy Sheehan (Naicin)
Drums: Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)
Vocals: Corey Taylor (Slipknot)
Any other instrument: Zakir Hussain
LeRoi Moore (Dave Matthews Band)

Can we expect a release from your band(s) any time soon?
Demonic Resurrection - Released in July, 2014
Far Travel Music - EP released in June, 2014
Sparsh - Working on the debut album, hopefully by this year end
Mihir Joshi Band - Album released in June 2014
Scribe - Hail Mogambo!!!!!!!!!! :)

Whom do you look up to, as a musician and a band?
As a musician, it would be Gino Banks, he should endorse the slogan "Eat drums, sleep drums, play drums". He is like an inspiration that pushes your limits to make you a better musician every day.

A message to all your fans (hello ladies!)
All my bands are releasing newer stuff this year. So go grab your copy. And you can get in touch with me through my facebook page if you have any queries regarding drums, or how to be in so many bands :P
Also, I am up to play FIFA anytime!!!!  Or even rink football!!!!

Demonic Resurrection on Facebook
Scribe on Facebook
Sparsh on Facebook
Far Travel Music on Facebook
Treble Bite on Facebook
Ash King on Facebook
Mahalakshmi Iyer on Facebook


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