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Sunny and Vinay were a force to be reckoned with. Randy Blythe walked up to them from our table after the Lamb of God show at Clarks Exotica (Bangalore) in 2012. Bhayanak Maut had also played the show and I remember Randy telling them, "I've been around the world, and it's rare to see a really good vocal duo like you guys. Keep it going!"

Something to surely be proud of. From a band who started off with a few Lamb of God covers back in the Razz days, to becoming something so epic and creating art that people (like me) fell in love with, these guys were true artists. If you were there for their first album launch at Hard Rock Cafe Worli (Mumbai), which I think was one of Sunny's first few shows with the band, you would have seen the madness they unleashed that day. It was my first BM gig, the first time a metal band played a show at HRC in India ever, and my mom was there too!

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From then on, the band just took the country by storm, playing packed shows, stirring moshpits in every venue, and just being brutal as fuck, to put it simply. Bhayanak Maut then released a masterpiece titled 'Man', their second full length album along with a digital handbook with short stories pertaining to each of their songs. Grotesque and horrific would not suffice to describe the extremity of these stories. This blog is only to give you a slight idea of what I'm saying. And I urge you even today to please get your hands on this album and book to really experience it, with lyrics.

Bhayanak Maut vocalists Sunneith Revankar and Vinay Venkatesh revealed earlier today on their social media that both members would be leaving the band, playing their last show at Bacardi NH7 Weekender Meghalaya this weekend. Here's Sunny's FB post:

Few reacts to Vinay's post on Instagram by Sahil Makhija (Demonic Resurrection) and Shashank Bhatnagar (Undying Inc.).

Sahil Makhija's Instagram story

Shashank Bhatnagar's Instagram story

I loved Bhayanak Maut from the depths of my metal heart. I bought the first ever t-shirt print, album, wallet, poster, and raved in the front row for every gig I could be at. Shared the stage with them when I played with Chronic Phobia a few times. Sunny and Vinay gave back to the crowd more than double of the energy we gave them. As a duo, they were next level. I've even had the good fortune of being on stage singing to a couple of songs with them at B69, so I'm not taking this very well.

But I am happy they gave us what they did. Brutal lyrics and spine chilling stories.

Let's give them our best at Weekender. Once again, thank you. This was perfect, but time for change I guess.

Listen to some music and thank them for being a part of the band.

'Ranti Nasha' from their first album

Live at Bacardi NH7 Weekender Bangalore, 2015

'Now Creation, Forever Destruction' from their 2nd full length album 'Man' #21Days

Always a fan,

My wannabe 3rd vocalist self :P
BM at their last Antisocial gig. :)
Visit the Bhayanak Maut website.


  1. Damning piece of news. Love BM and twin vocal assault. Its a signature associated with BM. Unfortunately, I never got to see them live, but youtube videos showed well enough their devastating effect. Will always be a fanboi of the Guttaral Twins. \m/

  2. Not a fan of Bhayanak Maut but yes definitely love them as talented musicians and song writers. All the best Vinay and Sunneith \m/

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