Monday, 23 October 2017


Great news for guitar players looking to improve their playing skills and getting spanking with technique! Mattias IA Eklundh's Freak Guitar Camp makes a second visit outside the Swedish woods and into the marshlands (wut) in India, but not quite! :P

The good men at 4/4 Entertainment and Guitar Garage Inc. have decided to host Freak Guitar Camp - India's second edition in February 2018. What's more? The camp will be a beautiful, intimate experience as it is every year. The venue for this year's camp will be different - nestled in the serene woods of Kamshet beside lake Vadivali. Here's the promo for you:

What is Freak Guitar Camp? It is a week-long guitar camp conducted by musician and educator Mattias Eklundh where guitar players from all over the world gather in the woods near Gothenburg and guitar players get to learn advanced guitar playing techniques, composition skills, and much more. The camp could also help students in bridging the divide between Carnatic and Western music on the guitar, as Mattias takes the konokol very seriously! The concept of Freak Guitar Camp was conceived, mothered and raised by the Viking guitar legend himself.

Freak Guitar Camp in INDIA will be a 6 day affair where students are tucked away in a lakeside paradise with their guitars and Matthias. This is the only location outside Sweden where the camp is conducted.

What you need to know for this year's camp:
The camp will cater to 30 students (maximum) who will sign up for the camp via online and one to one registration. The registration fee is inclusive of food, accommodation, pick ups and drops from specific locations in Calmshet / Lonavala, as well as the fee for attending the camp. The students are required to carry their own guitars, FX units and headphones. For more details and registering to the camp, visit the event on Insider.

Check this beautiful drone video of the campsite here:

To know what students who've visited the camp before have to say, visit my previous article on Freak Guitar Camp India 2014.

Inviting guitar players from in and around India to register for the camp! Trust me, it's madness. I visited the camp as part of my job at BAJAAO in 2014 for content and videos, so I got to live with Mattias and the campers for a good 3-4 days. I learned so much by just sitting at the back of the class for hours and singing to what Mattias was teaching the campers. He is probably the most fun music teacher and instructor I have ever seen. I've cued in a part you need to see that I recorded of Twinkle Twinkle little star! Love this guy.

About Mattias:
Mattias is known as the Guru who imparts infinite knowledge to hardworking guitar enthusiasts from across the planet and the Guru has been successfully executing this at his camps. After years of learning, knowledge sharing and patience Mattias will now bring down the Freak Guitar Camp from Sweden to India. Matthias has always had a soft corner towards India, Indian music and Indian musicians. This time he will share his bit with us in our very own country.

I'll mostly see you guys there again this year haha! New job scenes :D


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