Thursday, 26 October 2017


Reported as seen on social media.

Last night, American progressive band Intronaut put up a lengthy post on social media (Facebook) claiming Orka Networks artist manager, founder and promoter Renu McGarry still owes the band their performance fee from their show at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. Read the post here:

This stirred up a lot of comments claiming the Deccan Rock organizer Orka Networks owes a number of people money, in lakhs of Indian rupees. Here are some comment shots from Intronaut's post.

Although, metal band Psycroptic's member said they had a great experience when they came down last month for their tour of India, organized by Orka Networks.

UK prog metal band Monuments' guitar player John Browne also posted about this, saying they were owed a certain amount of money too. And so did Calle Thomer, guitar player of Swedish prog band Vildhjarta.

See this link for all comments.

This controversy began when the tour of French metallers Gorod got cancelled due to reasons we're not sure of, but certainly involved money. The band made this post at first, still unaware of the situation and if they were flying into India or not the next day.

Orka Networks put up a statement, but was later removed after it was shared by the band on their page. That led to this.

Solven Agency, who were organizing Morbidity Tour with Gorod and UK metal band Meta-stasis (who is managed by Renu), were also booking bands for their upcoming festival Krossover Konnections, that is to host two big metal headliners. The gig has been postponed and there seems to be an issue related to this event too.

Meanwhile, people are arguing with Orka Networks on a post for a refund for the Gorod gigs that got canned.

Little is known on the total figure people claim is owed to them by Orka Networks collectively, but we hope to get an official statement so things are cleared once and for all.

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