Saturday, 14 October 2017


Bloodywood has been rocking all your Bollywood and English pop songs with brutal, and some slightly stunning metal versions! Yes, they've not been around for too long, but in their little time they've managed to turn quite a few heads and have them people pushing play for a good laugh. Mind you, they're doing a kickass job with quality, and this is not your regular parody band.

I thought of having a little chat with them to see what they're up to. Who are they? Bloodywood is Karan Katiyar and Jayant Bhadula. Here's Jayant with some answers:

1. Why? Deets.
JB: Why? Well, it all started with me and Karan goofing around but the positive reception made us think about what we do. We realised that this indeed is a good way to get attention and when the time is right, we will drop our originals!

Bloodywood: Jayant Bhadula and Karan Katiyar

2. It isn't very uncommon to do covers of pop songs in a metal way, but something about Bollywood did spark this. What was so inspiring about our childhood?
JB: Just how some Bollywood music sounded (bad, mostly) make us think, 'You know what, this could sound way better' and that's literally all it took to push us into doing this.

3. Your favourite cuisine / dish?
JB: Chole bhature all the way

4. Here's an obvious question you're expecting me to ask - late Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington didn't like your cover of Heavy because yes we know it wasn't heavy at all, but what were your first thoughts when you saw Chester's 'Sucks ass' tweet?
JB: We were sort of expecting this :P

5. Which song really did it for you guys in terms of viewership so far?
JB: 'PPAP metal Version' - And we weren't expecting it to go that big! I mean the numbers were huge; 4 million + views on Facebook. Then some page ripped the video and even they got 4 million views and then some dude uploaded it on YouTube where it got somewhere around 180k+ views, plus a few cover versions to add to it. The feeling is something we can not describe in just words.

6. What other music / bands are you two with currently?
JB: I'm currently working with The Cosmic Truth and Bloodywood.
Karan works with The snake charmer alongside Bloodywood and I'm the spot dada at Archy's shoots! :P

7. Lots of effort into production, composition and all else we see. How are you spending so much time on this, or is it paying back? Patreon and other platforms working out for you?
JB: This is what we do for a living so all our time goes into this. Our main sources of income are Patreon and Spotify. We aren't earning enough yet to sustain ourselves completely off this but with enough support, we are confident we will be able to pull it off.

8. Favourite Indian bands.
JB: Skyharbor, Undying Inc., Demonic Resurrection, Goddess Gagged, The Cosmic Truth (:p), Zygnema, The Down Troddence and obviously BHAYANAK MAUT.

9. Favourite international bands.
JB: There are a lot of bands few of them would be:
August Burns Red
Killswitch Engage
Lamb of God
Thy Art is Murder

10. A little message for all Bloodywood fans and supporters out there.
JB: We love you guys for your support, stick around with us and we will make you guys proud |m|

Remember to SUPPORT BLOODYWOOD ON PATREON and like them on Facebook! Watch all their videos on YouTube.


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