Friday, 27 October 2017


Indian bands Darkrypt, Killchain, and Carnage InC are scheduled to play the Durance of Hate Tour - II, the bands will be accompanied with other Indian bands like Primitiv, Dirge, Wrath, Primal Abuse, Amorphia, and many more! Organizers Proximity Productions have released the tour dates and confirm that these bands will be playing across the cities below:

November 3rd - Durance Of Hate Tour Hyderabad

November 4th - Durance of Hate Tour Kochi

November 5th - Durance of Hate Tour Bangalore

November 12th - Durance of Hate Tour Mumbai

Here's the Mumbai gig poster, announced a couple of days ago:

Sexard poster by Varun Panchal

There is ONE MORE DATE, which is yet to be confirmed.

For ticketing info, visit the event pages and stay updated.

Proximity Productions initiated the Durance of Hate Tours, with the aim to set a touring culture for bands based in India and little known bands from other countries. The first edition featured bands like High Frequency from New Delhi and Trinergic from Mumbai while the second edition promises to be bigger than ever, so you know you can’t miss it!

This tour is also a debut tour for the three bands Darkrypt, Killchain, and Carnage InC, who released their debut albums sometime last year. On speaking to founder Harsha Vardhan about doing a tour for the bands, he said, “The prime motive was to go ahead do a complete DIY tour which started with Trinergic and High Frequency last year. It's a different experience altogether as the bands have been very cooperative!"

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T-shirt artwork by Vineet Sharma (Killchain) and Varun Panchal (Carnage InC.)

We are stoked to see the second edition and to see this line up play live. Harsha Vardhan filled us in on how it all came together, said, “Durance of Hate Tour's second edition was started earlier this year when Vineet from Killchain called me up with this idea. It made sense to lock in these three bands because they have one album under their belt from their recent catalogue.” And we agree, that’s helluva metal to see!

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