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Today at Entombed Metal Fest volume V, you will witness something very ancient. It isn't old school, no! It's Primitiv. This is like some major stone age shit. Primitiv is a five-piece (6th member is live guitar player) metal band from Bombay.

I did a little interview with these guys, and I'm sure the band is nothing we've heard in the past five years in Bombay. Make sure you catch them live tonight at Vashi. For more details on EMF vol. V, please visit the link at the bottom of the article.

Metalsphere: Hi! What do you like to eat? (yumzlalala)
Riju: Seafood. Loves midnight buffet post Jam
Kiron: Spicy Biryani of all kinds
Avirath: Doesn't eat. On a Diet
Raj: Eats, shoots & leaves! (for Delhi)
Nitin: Archaeopterygidae (small, winged theropods or primitive birds)
Pushkar: Momos 

Tell us about the band (a brief history of how you guys got together)?
Nitin: Rajarshi & Riju who have been part of Albatross earlier had this idea of starting a band which talks about the "brutal stuff which happened in the stone age". But when he started conceptualizing the theme of the Primitiv universe & writing the initial drafts for the songs he realized the potential it had.
He then sent it over to me & three of us got together to write down the first three tracks - Lords of the Primitiv, Taurus & Demon of science.
Raj was also part of Hellwind along with Kiron (guitars) & Pushkar (drums) who then completed the first lineup. Since Raj is currently busy with his work life we have drafted Avirath 'Wrath' Kadam as our Live guitarist. He is quite a livewire!

And you've got a dinosaur on vocals. The last time we saw him was the All-Stars gig with DR and much before that with Morticide. How did Nitin decide to make a come back?
Nitin: Let's say I'm guest vocalist who decided to overstay his welcome! :0
Since 2009 I have done guest vocals at various tribute gigs (Type-O Negative, Slayer) and also with bands/friends like Zygnema, Albatross etc. Post-Morticide, I did a short stint with Reptilian Death and a longish spell with Sledge (Hyderabad based Thrash/Death band) so I was never really out of the scene. Riju's Primitiv universe concept really excited me to be part of a regular band yet again and I love playing live hence I could not resist jamming with the new breed of  talented musicians from the current scene!

Why not old school, why Primitiv!? :P
Nitin: Well, the idea was to basically conceptualize and form the ultimate old school metal band. So it evolved from the fact that ‘we’re more old school than other old school bands’.
We are, therefore, primitive. 
If you like Celtic Frost, Obituary, Morbid Angel and early Sepultura, you’ll probably like Primitiv.
Even our song structures are extremely simple yet intense!

What's the age gap between the youngest and oldest member in the band?
Pushkar: Let's just say that we cover three different generations of Indian metal! ;)
Our vocalist made his live debut in the underground circuit when Avirath was busy watching Kuch Kuch Hota hai at a single screen somewhere in Manpada!

What should we expect from you at Entombed metal fest?
Pushkar: We are excited to play all the four originals live especially Lake Rancid, which is all about hellish monsters created from chemical and magic! ;) Besides that some kvlt covers.

P.S: Pushkar loves me but he doesn't know it yet.

Should we look forward to any releases this year?
Pushkar: Our first release Taurus has got a great response from all quarters of the metal circuit and we will be hitting the studios to record Lake Rancid which should be released towards the end of April. Our current plan is to release singles and we are commissioning artwork specifically for this new track. 

Listen to Taurus here: 

RSVP for Entombed Metal Fest vol. V here.


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