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I would like to wish Prakhar Soni, vocalist and bass guitar player of four-piece thrash death band Halahkuh from Pune a very very Happy Birthday! He turns 22 today (LADIES!) and is lucky enough to play a gig today at DA-IICT in Gujarat, the dry state, along with Mumbai bosses Devoid, Wired Anxiety and Winter Gate.

Halahkuh would like to say, "We wish our muchchad frontman and Kayden Kross lover Prakhar a very Happy Birthday."

And as guitar player Chinmay Bokil would appropriately call him today:

Halahkuh now has a new booking agent, Mr. Roydon Bangera, Devoid's manager.

I asked Prakhar a few questions about himself and the band. Here's our telecon.

I: Hey dude, Happy Birthday man!
PrakhSoni: Hey! Thank you thank you.

I: So ya, what's your favourite cuisine? (because hey, food's important)
PrakhSoni: Italian

I: How was the Delhi trip, Inferno and the whole Delhi experience for Halahkuh?
PrakhSoni: It was surprising that we got an opportunity to play Inferno Metal festival with a mammoth lineup of international and Indian bands because it was quite unexpected. Subhrajyoti (guitar player) and I just thought we'd register and see what happens, and on checking at one point, we were 200 votes ahead of the other bands, which felt great! We'd all wanted to play in a different city. I'd kept telling these guys about Delhi, which is my home town, and praised the weather which was perfect on our visit. I played a gig in front of my parents for the first time! It was a case of brilliant timing as Megadeth was playing MTV Xtreme the next day too. RSJ (Rock Street Journal) took great care of us and did a good job with the gig as well. We were very happy.

I: What in the world does DA-IICT stand for?
PrakhSoni: Dhirubhai Ambani... Institute of Information and Computer Technology

I: Okaayy.. When did you start playing bass and doing vocals?
PrakhSoni: I started playing bass in the 8th standard (8th grade) which was in 2006 and vocals after our previous vocalist Rahul left, which was in 2011. The band had only played a few competitions back then.

I: What is special about Halahkuh? What keeps you guys together as a band?
PrakhSoni: I think even though we do not listen to the same bands, we somehow manage to come together to make the same music. As members of a band, we have that certain chemistry, a common goal that we want to achieve through our music and try to jam as much as we can. As people, we try to enjoy the simple things in life like watch Hindi movies, drink tapri ka chai and not hide anything from each other. Before I'd met the other three guys, it was good to know that they also had the same mindset as I did.

I: Would you like to make music your career?
PrakhSoni: It depends on how everything goes. I love the thought. Although, when it comes to surviving as a metal band in India as of now, a day job is still a compulsion and it comes with a lot of sacrifices. With Halahkuh, we are sure that even when we do get jobs, we will always set enough time aside for the band.

I: Since you are in Gujarat, the dry state, I must ask... Found any alcohol yet?
PrakhSoni: Ermmhaha..No. But I do hope some arrangements are made for tonight!

I: Do you have any message for ladies (if any) who read my blog, and everyone else?
PrakhSoni: Yes. And you have to quote this. "Pratika is one of the most humble people I have met who goes out of her way to help individuals, and as I mention again, we wouldn't have got our tickets to Inferno if it wasn't for her."
To all our fans, look out for us and a big thank you for believing in us the way you've always done. Please read this blog, or WE WON'T THRASH YOU ANYMORE!

This is a video of Halahkuh live at Inferno Metal Festival:

Halahkuh will be playing in Mumbai at Atharva College's 'Show No Mercy' on the 5th of March 2014 along with Primitiv. The entry is FREE.

Find Halahkuh on Facebook and listen to their music on ReverbNation. For bookings, contact Roydon Bangera.

P.S: Do not miss the dreadlocked hottie in the band. ;)


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  1. A Person can merely enjoy two occasions relating to him/her personally.
    One, is Birthday - a day in a year.
    Another, is Marriage Day - A Day in a Lifetime.
    Both are most precious ones, which stay memorable for a long time.

    I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to Prakhar and all your Birthday Wishes fill the life with joy and blessings.