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I take pride in announcing that Mumbai based five-piece thrash groove band Providence is now signed to JLF-Promotion, a Germany-based booking agency, part of the 'Euroblast Collective'. 

After the band just got a new manager Sumit Suvarna of MetamorphiK and new vocalist Vivek Bhatt (Asylum), the band has had yet another dose of good news! 

This is what JLF and Sumit had to say:

JLF: "JLF Promotion is happy to announce that another metal act from india is going to be officially part of the JLF Roster. "Bombay based Providence are one of the most promising metalbands, of the pulsating and thrilling indian scene. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration." says Julian Parusel - Head of Booking, JLF Promotion

Sumit (MetamorphiK): "JLF signing Providence is my first assignment with the band. Providence is one of the best Indian metal bands in my view. And more than the music, it's the attitude that really defines a band. It's their attitude that really made me want to work with them. Even the Swedish band that I book, Deathember loved them. And it's gonna be awesome to have Providence on the same European booking agency as them and Inner Sanctum."

I've done a small interview to make this more interesting. Check it out! 

What is the band’s favourite food? (I always ask this, and the answer is mandatory!)
Providence: Dayumn!  Seekh paratha from Fareeds. We totally vouch for it. If anyone wants to try it, it’s in Behrambaug, Jogeshwari (W).

You’ve come a long way. From all of us hanging out in Vasant and B69, to bagging many Metal Awards and opening for Mega-fucking-deth, when’s the next meteor going to hit us!?
P: Ahh Vasant! How we miss that place. It’s been quite the ride in the past 4 years, man! We really don’t know what’s next. Things are happening at quite the pace, sometimes we can’t even handle the announcements! Remembering the time when Aaron said “Boys, we are opening for Megadeth” and we were all like “FUCK OFF AARON, IF THIS IS A LIE YOU’LL BE BURIED IN THE FUCKING JAM ROOM” To “dayum so that happened!”

It’s all news news news with a new vocalist, manager and now JLF! You just played a tod-phod gig on Sunday. So much has happened so fast! How do you feel right now?
P: Sunday’s gig was fucking br00000tal! We can’t wrap our heads around all the awesomeness. I mean, 4 years back if someone said  that we’d open for our favourite band and get signed to a booking agency from Europe for European gigs we wouldn’t have believed it. We started to have fun, everyone knows about that infamous (awesome game btw) party at B69 and Scam Machine and how Providence came into being. So yea, still reeling from all the awesome moments!

I’ve heard in an official announcement yesterday that Vivek Bhatt (Asylum) has been announced as the new vocalist of the band. What made you decide that Vivek was the right man for the job after being without a vocalist for quite a while?
P: We’ve known Vivek because of Asylum and the whole scene. When we were looking for a vocalist, Sid (Zygnema) and Arun (Devoid) recommended him. We didn’t pay attention at that point and then we jammed with him…and did he deliver, man! Pretty kicked that he joined the band. He’s an awesome dude and he has the dedication needed to be in a full time metal band. 

Sumit Suvarna (MetamorphiK) is now your new booking agent too, and we’re glad to hear this. Are you excited to be on MetamorphiK along with several other acts?
P: Sumit’s attitude towards things in general made us want to work with him, We are probably the only Indian band that he handles and he’s proved his place in the scene with all the tours he lined up as a booking agent for all the international acts that he’s gotten down!

I’m supposing a change in management was a necessity. Is it going to weigh off most of the worries you’ve probably had in the past?
P: Absolutely! The thing is, when you manage your own band, you do it from the heart and not from the head…which backfires on many occasions! We’ve learnt from our mistakes and hopefully a change in management will steer us in the right direction.

How did the signing with JLF-Promotion take place? (best post-birthday present in a while for Shezan)
P: Haha! He got his present way in advance. Like 16th Feb advance! We are pretty happy about getting signed to a booking agency, It’s a new chapter in our career, let’s see where it takes us.

Obviously, being on an international roster is a big fucking deal! Any plans on touring in the near future? (locally or internationally)
P: No idea yet! We are discussing plans with JLF and setting things up. But one thing we are clear on - Album is priority. We won’t be doing anything till our album comes out! Hopefully things pan out the way they are meant to be and we can do an international tour with our new release. It’s still a while away though.

Have you started tracking for a new album? By when should we expect a release?
P: Not yet. We’ve finished half the material for the album. Our aim was to track in March. But because of the lineup changes it got delayed. We hope to hit the studios sometime in June. 
This one is for the fans, and all the love and support we’ve received!

As mentioned in a NOTE ON FACEBOOK, they've made an official announcement on the first look at the album artwork and title as well. 

This is JLF-Promotion's official website.

This is Providence on Facebook and Soundcloud


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