Monday, 17 March 2014


Vasai greeted Mumbai metal band Albatross and the other competitions bands very well! The other two metal bands playing the competition also had a mostpit and some headbanging, as you can see in this Narkasur video below:

Albatross and friends were pretty killer. The special shout-out no. 1 goes to Dinosaur Rajan, as aptly titled by my buddy Anshuman. Trust me, you'd Bark at the Moon after hearing this version with growling vocals. Sorry, I was too amazed to take a video!

But then, we also had the lovely voice of Sid Raveendran on 'Holy Diver' (Dio cover)

This video ahead was a random moment at the end of 'Night Crawler' (Judas Priest cover) with Sahil on vocals and all the friends jumping around on stage.

I didn't know Sushan of Cosmic Infusion could sing man!

And the one moment no one could forget was the crowd shouting 'Sahil Sahil Sahil!' and then an equally powerful 'Makhija Makhija', asking for the demonman to come on stage!

All in all, the gig was great fun and the crowd went mad!


Mumbai's six-piece fusion/rock/progressive band Paradigm Shift judged the band competition at Grant Medical College's festival 'Astitva 2014' and had an opening band 'Tatva' before they set the stage on fire with a heavy performance. Of course, my favourites were played so I was happy.

The Sobo peeps really don't get it haan? Basically, after vocalist Kaushik made them realise their set doesn't involve ghazal listeners sitting in the back, a few scared and obedient kids got up from their seats and went ahead. :P

The gig ended with a good 40-50min set including their incredible cover of 'Roja'.

Tomorrow, gig update and band interview!


SOBO: South Bombay

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