Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Here are a few highlights of what happened at the Blue Frog Metal Nights featuring Bhayanak Maut, Providence and Chaoskampf. There are mini-clips for those who missed my Instagram insta-uploads! :D

I'm sorry I missed much of the Chaoskampf set. But here is their setlist. Their vocalist (JUST LIKE I SAID IN MY PREVIOUS POST) (I TOLD YOU SO :P) is stage-named 'Vladmir' in Pune band 'Syranox' also starring Bob Alex of Noiseware. 

Oh, his real name? Utkarsh Golatkar! xD

Chaoskampf setlist:

1. Supernova
2. Dimensions
3. Bow Down (Born of Osiris cover)
4. Rise and Reconstruct
5. Unbreakable (Veil of Maya cover)
6. Beyond Death

With bhaari low-growls and a tight enough band, these guys killed it. 

Providence also, with new vocalist Vivek Bhatt of Mumbai-based band 'Asylum' did a good job on stage. He is the band's permanent vocalist since Karan Pote (ex-AbraXas and Noiseware) left the band. Sunneith Revankar continued on guest vocals with the band till the Megadeth gig in Delhi a week before that. 

Providence setlist:
1. Talk Shit Get Hit
2. Watch them Fall
3. Prosthetic-Scarface-Prosthetic (Mayank Sharma version

4. Old (Machine head cover)
5. This is Now (Hatebreed cover)
6. Heretic Anthem (Slipknot cover)

Bhayanak Maut was fucking surreal. I have no words. Special mention to the drum and bass guitar locking perfectly. Ishan (bass guitar player) was no short of compliments and marriage proposals that night! Rahul Hariharan (drummer) is growing into a beast with every passing day!

With BM's setlist, please note that some song names from the upcoming album are subject to change!

Bhayanak Maut setlist:
1. MNS Massage Parlour
2. 100% Blasted Beyond Belief
3. I Am Man. Yes, I Am.
4. Genosis (Peter Gabriel-era)
5. Ranti Nasha Hai, Bhosdikay.
6. Perfecting The Susu Suture
7. Ungentle (Dance-Mix Version)
8. Dear <Whoever That Hot Girl In The Audience Was>
9. (Never trust a junkie who wants) Just One Fix
10. You Must Dye For Science
11. All Glory To The Beard (Chakna KLPD version)
12. Tit 4 Twat

Watch BM vocalists Vinay and Sunny bang floor tom!  

Of course, Shezan's birthday cake had to be cut. It was fucking delicious. The 28-year-old (ahem ahem oh ladies! Find him on Twitter @ShezanChikna - yeah really.) was photobombed twice consecutively when I tried to capture the Vanguard cake. The uppermost piece was strictly for drummer Aaron Pinto, who was unavailable because of Gutslit playing a show on the very same day in Bangalore, while Mayank Sharma (Zygnema, Agneya) filled in for him. Cake Credits: The sister Sherish Shaikh! 

See the Kanti-bomb. Fucker ruined the picture. TWICE!

So having said all of that, 
I have two gig updates for tomorrow. Old-school metallers Primitiv and quick rising Pune thrash death metal band Halahkuh will be headlining Atharva College of Engineering's Show No Mercy. The entry is FREE so go for it if you aren't headed to Hard Rock Cafe for Wolfmother! :) 

Cheers, more coming! 

Stay fucking metal.

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