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This man is a powerhouse of some badass vocals. He is vocalist of 'Undying Inc', a band that makes me fucking angry and makes me fucking happy at the same time! FUCK! So yeah man, I had a talk with Mr. Shashank Bhatnagar, who has given some of the most brilliant answers.

This guy is interesting and a great person to know! Check out what he had to say on a lot of things here.

I: Favourite food?
SHASHANK: Primarily anything baked, sauteed, boiled, or grilled.
I'm allergic to sea food & the likes though..

What do you do for a living?
I am a Cafe/Restaurant owner, Vocalist for "Undying Inc", Freelance Jingle Singer/Composer, & a Property Manager.

You had a drop in the middle, when you were no longer part of the band, and now you're back. 
What happened back then?
Musically, I started working on 3 projects simultaneously.
Dropped 2 by the time I joined UI back. Still working on that one project. Details will be out soon.

Your most brutal fight/moment of RAGE!?
All I can remember of it is, my body/clothes being red with blood, blue/black with several bruises, one big 12 stitch scar on my head because of a sealed soda bottle, & a hurt lower back due to which I was bed ridden for 2 months.
Pretty much the same, or worse for those 5 boys, yeah.

What do you have to say about getting 23948765934 good pictures after every gig you play?
Thank you to those awesome photographers. Without you guys, we are just ear candies. :P

Women love you. Do you love them?
A Big Fuckin Yes!

All time favorite quotes and words to live by.
"Live life stronger than hate & death" - Zakk Wylde
"I will fuck you up before I break your face" - Me to a random batch-mate in college :P

Idols/people you look up to.
I'll name 5 : Philip Anselmo, Tom Araya, Devin Townsend, Zakk Wylde, & Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Favouritestest bands?
5 Again;
International: Slayer, Pantera, Meshuggah, Iron Maiden, Behemoth
Indian: Bhayanak Maut, Scribe, Zygnema, The Circus, Fuzz Culture

Favourite Indian musicians, or people you've loved jamming with
Guitar: Biswarup Gupta, Keshav Dhar, Adil Manuel, Arsh Sharma, Prashant Shah, Akshay Raj Purohit, Venkat Raman, Amidstya, Sidharth Kadadi, Takar Nabam.
Bass: Reuben Bhattacharya, Ravi Satpute, Lt. Clarence Gonsalves, Shakti Singh, Krishna Jhaveri.
Drums: Yuvraj Sengupta, Nishant Hagjer, Mayank Sharma, Reuben Pachuau, Varun Sood, Rahul Hariharan, Virender Kaith, Shardul Mehta, Srijan Mahajan
Keyboard: Akshat Taneja, Anubhav Misra
Vocals: Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, Girish Pradhan, Jimmy Bhore, Sunneith Revankar, Noble Luke, Ryngkat Jyrwa

How was the gig the day before?
It was awesome. I could see a lot of dust, hands & horns up in the air, breaking barricades, kids stomping grounds, kids flying & beating the shit out of each other.
Ah! A sweet sight indeed.

Do you think our country/ the metal 'scene' lacks anything in particular? (for example: unity, supporting bands and attending gigs)
I'll just want to give more positive inputs, rather than telling you what is wrong.
Things are getting better with time, staying positive & focused is a promise "being a musician" comes with. The day this industry will have fans who would like to support their favorite bands on a monetary front, things will be different.
The best that can happen as of now for the scene, which might happen eventually;
1) Buy your favorite band's CD/merchandise, cause if you won't, nobody else will. This is the only way they can keep working on their music & stick around.
2) GIVE INDIAN BANDS AN EAR BEFORE JUDGING THEM BY GENRE : This happens so often, people actually judge bands based on their genres rather than actually listening to them. They would listen to, & LOVE/RESPECT international bands from across genres, but when they hear about Indian bands from different genres, it gets more dramatic than stupid soap operas on TV.
An ear lost is a potential fan lost. You never know what music hits you when, be a little more open-minded when it comes to Indian bands.
3) Go to your favorite band's LIVE shows. Gate fee adds vital value to your favorite band's presence. Every time a person isn't willing to pay gate fee to enter venues to see their "favorite" bands, the band suffers. Even though that band has enormous number of fans online/offline, but this is where they fail and venues don't want to bring them back (one of the reasons) cause they have no monetary value.
4) Push your favorite bands for festivals you deem fit. Get in touch with your local organizers & educate them about bands, if required.

Your most amazing moment on stage:
Being onstage is the single most amazing thing in my life.

What should we expect from Undying Inc this year? 
An "Ironclad" EP with 3 songs, & 1 massive surprise.

Listen to single 'I R O N C L A D' released last year.




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