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One of my favourite guitar players to have jammed with, Prateek Rajagopal is a prodigy. For those who do not know who he is, he is the guitar player of Mumbai bands Reptilian Death and Gutslit. He also has a solo project of his own which most people have no idea about.

I met Prateek when he jammed with Chronic Phobia while the band properly existed but now is more like Chronic so gaya. I was surprised knowing he was younger than me (come on, everyone know I'm not used to it :P) and he could play exceptionally well. I remember while recording, he took a solo in one take, but just for the sake of doing it again, he went for another take!

We call each other Prackticks. I did a little question and answer with him, so that people got to know this talented fucker a little more. I've also included links to his personal modern progressive solo project below.

What is your favourite food?
Prackticks: Honestly, anything Mexican. FOSHIZZLE. Especially my mum’s Mexican food. NOMNOMNOM. I do enjoy most Indian and Italian as well though. But Mexican first. And I HATE Thai food! (Ladies, take note.)

State all thy gear, in detail. 
Guitars – Schecter Hellraiser C-7 , Jackson WRMG Warrior, Ibanez Gio (That jumpstart kit guitar, I don’t even remember where it is), and a Yamaha F370 Acoustic
Processor – Line 6 POD HD500.
Software – The DAW I use is Cubase 5 and for drums I use Superior Drummer. I’m still a noob at this whole production stuff though J

Tell me about your first time in India and where you’re from?
P: I’m born and brought up in Muscat, Oman. (Superb place, you guys should visit!) This is the first time I’m actually staying in India ( 1 ½ years passed actually) and it’s been pretty nice so far.  It definitely has its ups and downs, but it’s alright. It took a while to get used to, especially infrastructure and what not, but that’s life. :P

What did you come to India for? Do you plan on going back?
P: I came here for studies (yup, I’m sure many of you guys are like – WHY INDIA?!?) , but most of us NRIs have a wrong notion about how things work here, and I’m not even joking. Anyway, I’m studying BMS in NM college.. I’m in my 2nd year.  I don’t plan on going back, for good at least.  I’ll work here for a bit before going for my post grad abroad (still tentative, of course).  And I’m sure by then my parents would end up coming back to India. (I’ll definitely keep going during vacations though, as long as they are there!)

What did you like most about India?
I think the good scope for pursuing what you love/anything for that matter is really good in India. It’s pretty damn dynamic that way! Lots of things happening every moment! Aaaaaaaaaaand I love the exchange rate xD

You play for two pretty different bands – Gutslit and Reptilian Death. You also have a killer modern progressive project which is highly underrated. How do you manage projects that are so different from each other?
P: Well RD was on hiatus for a while since Vinay was sick. And this happened when I had just joined Gutslit. Vinay has finally recovered, so only now will I be able to actually judge how difficult it is to manage different bands.(Though I don’t think it should be an issue at all). In terms of managing the writing bit, I haven’t started writing anything for RD yet, it’s only been Gutslit and my solo stuff. It is a little weird to write grind/brutal death and then think of new ideas for a modern progressive metal project(or vice versa), but it’s good fun. Keeps you going. :D

How has your ride been with your bands so far?
P: Pretty amazing. I never thought I’d even play an outstation show till I joined these bands :P It’s cool. Plus I get to meet so many cool people. It’s cool how I saw a Bhayanak Maut LOG 11th hour cover on youtube and I saw this guy with this massive beard (Vinay) in 9th or 10th std, and I knew about this ‘Demonstealer’ guy because of Workshop(on Channel V Launchpad) and his big band ‘Demonic Resurrection’ etc etc and I knew how prominent these guys were in bringing up the scene and stuff. Never thought I’d actually play with them in the same band someday. Especially considering I’m pretty young compared to these oldies! Gutslit is giving me some crazy exposure as well. It’s fun!

Tell me about all further releases that are planned.
P: RD – Writing begins end 2014, if I’m not wrong. (for the 2nd full length)
Gutslit – We’re releasing an EP soon, hopefully sometime in the next 3 months. Gonna be Br000talz.
Self – After I release the Gutslit stuff, I shall work on this full on. Done with 9 songs currently, 1 more and I need to polish/finalize my previous tracks. I guess it’ll take a while, hopefully by end 2014 or early 2015.

Who are your favourite Indian musicians?
Guitar – I really like Akshay from Scribe. Sanju from Devoid is an epic guitarist as well. Nishith Hegde is kickass too!!
Bass – Ashwin Shriyan from DR/RD and Gurdip Singh from Gutslit/Agnya. Both mad bassists.
Drums – Viru from DR/Scribe, Aaron Pinto from Gutslit/Providence, and Mayank from Atmosfear/Zygnema
Vocals – Aditya Barve from Gutslit, Sunny and Vinay from Bhayanak Maut, Neerav from TimeFrames(Manipal band – check them out), Shashank from Undying Inc.
Keyboards – Ummmm.. I’ve heard Mephisto from DR is good. And the Chaotic Years keyboardist is pretty sick as well!

Which musicians have you utterly enjoyed playing/jamming with?
P: I love jamming with the Gutslit guys. Like honestly. We get these crazy doom and black vibes sometimes which are KICKASS! :P I also loved jamming with you and Pritesh. Hah :D Sadly I haven’t jammed too much with other people. Wish I did!

Who do you look up to as a musician/guitar player? (your idols)
P: This is easy. Dave Mustaine, Mikael Akerfeldt, Steven Wilson, Misha Mansoor, JOHN GALLAGHER, Matt Heafy, Tosin Abasi, Keith Merrow and Ola Englund, Devin Townsend

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
P: Blah. Working in some corporate with a family and shit. Hahahah. Hopefully earning enough to fund my music and if not play in bands, make music for myself. J

Do you want music to be your life? Otherwise too, what are you studying to become?
P: Who wouldn’t? Lol. Too bad it’s pretty difficult to make a living out of it. Let’s see, though.. never know what might just turn up! If I could get to even this little level without expecting much, I’m sure something CAN be possible. :P I’m studying management. I’d love to have my own business someday, it’s been my childhood thing. Lol. If that doesn’t work out, something finance related. (probably banking)

One message for all the ladies, and the fans.
P: Can’t think of anything cool, so I’m gonna be cliché and go all ‘thanks for supporting me’. Lol. <3
And if you like what you hear, check out the rest of  my channel on Soundcloud. CHEERS NIGGAS.

This song is my personal favourite:

Prateek's new song that he posted just yesterday on Soundcloud: 

This is Prateek on Facebook and Soundcloud

GUTSLIT and Reptilian Death

All the best dude. I hope you make it big. Much love! :*

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